Create, Plan, Write, Play, and Learn.

Unleash the Power of Object-Oriented English to Computational Thinking, AI and Programming...

...Discover the Logic, Creativity, AI and Critical Thinking Behind Popular Games.

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Main Idea

Write your game plan by Computationally Thinking out loud, and see/play your game in action!

Integrate off-line computational thinking exercises with on-line programming activity!

Also useful for Ideation and Fast Prototyping!

How It Helps

  • Purpose: A fun and creative way to learn programming concepts and discover the logic behind popular games.

  • How: Although most people do not know a programming language, nearly everyone can read and write. As you write your game plan, you will apply many programming concepts, such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, debugging, algorithmic design, critical and computational thinking in the process! Being able to write clear instructions is an essential skill for programming! Because English can sometimes be imprecise, incomplete, and ambiguous, the GameChangineer platform provides real-time feedback whenever your sentences are incorrect or unclear. These feedback will help you write more clearly and fix any errors! The GameChangineer system then automatically converts your game plan to game code to let you see, play and test your game!

  • What's Unique: The GameChangineer platform guides you to write out your game plan in a logical and unambiguous manner, enabling you to problem-solve and think more and more like a computer scientist. Whenever you write an incorrect or ambiguous sentence, the GameChangineer system will help you identify the errors and fix the sentences. As a result, the effort of programming can be reduced by 10 to 20 fold compared to conventional programming languages! By focusing on the big picture, you can quickly design an engaging game in English, all the while exercising and applying programming concepts.

  • Outcomes: The GameChangineer platform will enable you to
    • Write clear instructions
    • Create original, exciting video games quickly
    • Design fun video games such as
      • Space Invaders
      • Pacman
      • Downhill Ski
      • Target Kick
      • ... and many more ...
    • Compose object-oriented narratives
    • Develop design/systems thinking and organizational skills
    • Follow written instructions and learn programming terminology
    • Reason logically and critically about complex scenarios
    • Debug errors in written programs
    • Analyze the sense-act / sense-think-act cycles of artificial intelligence (AI) in video games
    • Learn to be precise, complete, and unambiguous
    • Cultivate a growth mindset
    • Describe the logic behind popular games
    • Animate scientific, mathematical, and English concepts
    • Enjoy a fun and rewarding time of writing, creating, reasoning, and playing
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