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Hour of Code Activities - Let's Compose Some Fun!

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Have you wondered how games such as Downhill Ski,
Pacman, Target Kick, etc. work?

Come read + discover in the Sample Video Games and
write + create your very own games, too!

Be an Active Learner & Creator of Tech.


How to compose a game plan

Step 1: Character Declaration
  • There are 3 foxes and 10 carrots.
  • There is a rabbit.
Step 2: Player Control
  • When the up arrow is pressed, the rabbit moves up.
  • When the s key is pressed, the rabbit moves down.
Step 3: Action and Interactions
  • When a fox sees the rabbit, it chases the rabbit.
  • When the rabbit touches a carrot, the carrot disappears.
Step 4: Win / Lose Conditions
  • When all the carrots are gone, you win.
  • When a fox touches the rabbit, game over.
There are many lessons and tutorials available.

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